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Justis en RET complete successful pilot with digital ID for special investigating officer

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The RET has successfully tested a digital ID for six months in their operatopn. This allowed their officers to identify themselves digitally instead of with a physical pass. This digital ID is very similar to the traditional card, but offers many more functions, is more flexible and at the same time safer to use. This solution was developed in close collaboration with Justis and the RET by Credenco,

Secure and easy-to-use digital pass

A digital identification option for boas prevents many actions and administrative hassle, such as has been the case until now when issuing, withdrawing and renewing physical passes. Boas also prefer a digital ID on which they can shield their name than a pass on which their personal data are always visible. The digital ID works via an app on the mobile device of the boa. As an extra check, a traveler can verify the ID by scanning a unique, temporarily valid QR code with their own mobile phone. This code leads to a government verification page, where the traveler can see that it is a valid ID. Justis can thus offer a privacy-protecting, fraud-resistant and verifiable digital identification option. To test this, a test was carried out for six months in collaboration with the RET and twenty of their boas. This was recently completed and concluded with a positive evaluation.

Based on open standards

Our Digital ID app is based on open standards and designed to make issuing, legitimizing and verifying an identity simple for everyone. The mobile app offers all the necessary functions for this purpose:

  • Digital registration and provision of a digital identity

  • Identification by an officer with the mobile app

  • Verification by another of the official via a limited-valid QR code

  • Revoke or temporarily block the digital identity.


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