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Easy, fast and safe to use.

State of the art and user-friendly

With our knowledge and experience in developing and realizing our solutions, we are able to adapt our solutions in a quick and easy manner within any situation and organization that works with displaying and verifying privacy-sensitive information.

Our platform offers:

  • Scalable Microservices SOA Architecture

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

Available as SaaS solution:

  • In a (private) AWS or Microsoft Azure environment

  • In the Government Data Center (ODC)

Possible to integrate into own infrastructure:

  • Microservices: Kubernetes & Docker

  • OTAP environments within your own management

Our solutions are:

  • Innovative: use of state of the art technology, such as:

    • Blockchain

    • Digital Identities - Self Sovereign Identities (SSI)

    • Verifiable Credentials

    • Zero Knowledge Proofs

  • Scalable: can quickly be adapted to different situations and organizations.

  • Constructed from standard building blocks : reuse of existing components whose successful functioning has been proven

  • Based on open standards: which makes the connection of the solution with other systems and platforms easy, fast and reliable

  • Easy to integrate: the solutions can be used as SaaS or on-premise


Insigne: Safely identify

Insigne is an user-friendly app for securely providing, displaying and verifying a digital identity. The provider of the data has control over what, when and to which extend the data is visible for the receiver(s).

In doing so, we offer a solution for digital identification that is less privacy-sensitive, fast and reliable.


With the app, a digital identity card can be 'uploaded' on a mobile device. This is done safely and with full privacy protection. With a small adjustment and while taking into account the privacy of the owner, the same technology is suitable for digitally demonstrating an identity or role.

Advantages :

  • Flexible validity (specified period, withdrawals)

  • Flexible authenticity (selective data sharing)

  • Connectivity options for other processes (such as card applications)

For example:


A digital company card with which employees can identify themselves.


SecureShare: secure, digital data sharing

For example :

Sharing extracts, (consent) statements or authorization requests.​​​

SecureShare is an app developed for the safe provision and sharing of information. The provider of the information retains control on the period of time, the frequency and by whom the shared content can be viewed. In fact, the file is not transferred, but can be consulted for a certain time by one or more authorized readers.



  • Add and share a file without actually transferring the file

  • Depending on the assigned setting, the recipient can consult the shared file one or more times for a certain period of time

  • If desired, the recipient can request to view the information again in an unaltered form

  • The provider can revoke the rights to view the information at any time or limit it in frequency and duration

  • The provides of the information can see if the information has been viewed and has the possibility to ask the receiver to approve the content of the shown file

  • Thanks to Blockchain, it is possible to verify whether it is still the same, unmodified file that the provider is sharing and/or the receiver is viewing

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