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Van vraagstuk tot oplossing




Credenco B.V. (hereinafter referred to as Credenco) offers standard software for digital identities and 
Credentials (the Software), with which the User, or a third party authorized by him, can set up a 
specific application (the Application). Credenco is the licensee of the Software. Credenco licenses the 
Software to individual organizations (the User). 


Delivery software: 
The Delivery of the Software is accomplished by making the Software available to the User for use. The 
license is a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license with a right of use for the 
specific functionalities and/or modules and numbers of users, as specified in this document. Delivery 
consists of provision of the authentication codes (tokens) for the use of the Software. By providing the 
User with Credentials or authentication codes, Credenco has fulfilled its delivery obligation for the 


The User owes the amounts and rates stated and agreed herein for the Services. If no amounts or 
rates have been agreed, the User will reimburse the hours required for the Services at the standard 
rates applicable that month. Currently the standard rate is € 150.00 per man-hour, or € 1,200.00 per 
Unless expressly agreed otherwise, all work is always carried out on the basis of subsequent 
calculation. The rate depends on the type of work. If work is carried out outside normal office hours at 
the User's request, a surcharge of 50% applies. The Services include travel costs (within the 
Netherlands) based on time spent times hourly rate. Travel and accommodation costs abroad are 
charged on the basis of actual costs incurred.  


Delivery services: 
The Delivery of the Services is expressly carried out on the basis of a best efforts obligation. By 
carrying out work for the User, Credenco has fulfilled its delivery obligation. Credenco always provides 
an hourly specification stating the employee, the activities and the hours. 


Additional work: 
In the case of a quotation for creating an Application, we based this on the information you provided. 
If at any time we discover deviations with regard to the question or functionalities when carrying out 
the work (for example other layouts, additional functions, formats, numbers, etc.), we reserve the right 
at all times to to adjust issued rates and/or lead times. 


Credenco offers the Software at the prices specified in this document. These prices are valid until December 31 of the year in which the quotation was issued. After this date we are entitled to adjust the prices. All prices mentioned are in EURO and 
exclusive of VAT. 


Payment of the one-off costs takes place in parts. 25% of the amount will be invoiced at the start of 
the assignment. Halfway through the assignment, another 25% of the amount will be invoiced and 
finally, upon delivery after acceptance, 50% of the amount will be invoiced. Payment of the annual 
costs in advance, before the start of the annual period. With graduated purchase for use at the end of 
the quarter. Services (e.g. consultancy and additional work) are invoiced per month on a subsequent 
calculation basis. The payment term is a maximum of 30 days. 


Other conditions: 
The following hierarchical order will apply to all agreements between the User and Credenco: the 
specific terms and conditions mentioned here, the User's general terms and conditions, Credenco's general terms and conditions, product and/or service specific terms and conditions. If any terms in 
these documents conflict with the others, the Terms will apply in the stated hierarchical order. 

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