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Experienced, decisive, thoughtful.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in successfully introducing innovative solutions to both medium and large organizations . Our passion is to bring state-of-the-art technology within reach for anyone looking for a secure and reliable solution for digitally sharing and verifying information.
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Hans Vlak, CEO of Credenco: "Our expertise is developing and implementing solutions based on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technologies that handle confidential and personal information in a secure way. With our digital ID solution, we have carried out a successful pilot together with the Ministry of J&V and RET to replace the physical BOA card with a digital one that is fraud-resistant and privacy-friendly. In addition, we offer a digital Certificate of Good Conduct using the same technology that organisations can use to validate it automatically and process it in their backoffice applications"

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Eelco Klaver, CTO of Credenco: “We are convinced that Self Sovereign Identity is the way to share information with each other. It gives the owner control over their own data and provides the required privacy, while allowing the recipient of the information to verify its origin.
A prerequisite is that different systems can interchange data without limitations. That is why we support open standards in our solutions. Just like the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, we see interopability as a prerequisite for increasing the adoption of SSI. We look forward to working with the DBC and its partners to contribute to the Decentralized Identity Interop Profile (DIIP) as promising solution for the exchange of personal data."
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Tolnasingel 3
2411 PV Bodegraven

085 820 97 25
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