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Conference DBC at TU Delft!

Last week was the closing conference of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, at the place where it all started 7 years ago: TU Delft!

There were inspiring speakers who not only reflected on the past, but also took us into the world of tomorrow.

The conference consisted of concrete presentations and demonstrations in the break-out sessions with solutions from various suppliers around the overarching theme of #Digital and #Trust.

Credenco had the privilege that its solution for the organizational wallet was demonstrated as their contribution to the Company Passport, in which, among others, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tax Authorities, KNB, ABN Amro, Unified Post and Yuki Visma participate.


The conference also marked the unveiling of Fides, a public-private partnership committed to accelerating digital trust under a collective manifesto co-signed by Credenco.

The afternoon ended with the presentation of this manifesto by Victor van Hulst to Barbara Kathmann, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee for Digital Affairs.


The closing ceremony was provided by chairman Rob van Gijzel, who reiterated the importance of European values ​​in the digital context: freedom, equality and fraternity


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