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On May 7, Credenco demonstrated a practical test with the SmartVOG at the EBSI event

Updated: May 8

During this EBSI Ecosystem Day event, held in Brussels, various organizations, including the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and Credenco, presented new and innovative applications that are connected to the EBSI ecosystem. This SmartVOG practical test provides experience in digitally receiving and validating a digital Certificate of Good Conduct. The practical test is initially aimed at sports clubs and their volunteers, in order to find out from the user perspective how this can optimally fit in with the experiences of those who are regularly asked to show such proof. With the aim of finding out under what conditions such digital evidence can be used in the near future as a practical and safe alternative to the existing document. And to determine whether the intended process of issuing to the volunteer and validation by the association works smoothly in practice and what benefits can be achieved for the parties involved.

In the future, this could also be applied to diplomas and other accreditations that are often required to fulfill a certain position or to be allowed to perform work. Precisely because the hallmark of the SmartVOG is that it can be unmistakably traced back to the issuing authority by the recipient and has not been changed after issuance.

Working with a SmartVOG is expected to offer the following benefits for the participating parties in the future:

  • Insight - The association has a single overview of which volunteers have been sent a request to share a SmartVOG, whether and when it has been received and which volunteers are allowed to be older.

  • Simple – The recipient receives the SmartVOG in the app and easily shares it with the association for automatic validation, the latter does not have to do anything for this.

  • tamper-proof – Digital proof prevents an edited certificate from being issued by accepting a photo. It is also automatically validates that the shared SmartVOG corresponds to the requested job profile that applies to the volunteer.

  • Faster – By sharing the SmartVOG via the app, the validation by the recipient runs normally completely automatically, and can therefore be processed much faster in the administration.

The SmartVOG app and the associated platform are developed by Credenco and are based on safe and privacy-protecting techniques. Working with a digital certificate aims to be an easy and better alternative to the current declaration in the near future. On the one hand, because you can save it directly on your mobile phone and from there share it directly with a party that requests it, and on the other hand, because the certificate can easily be validated and processed by the recipient.

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