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Pilot with digital identification of special investigating officers started

In Rotterdam, the RET will test a digital ID with which special investigating officers can identify themselves instead of using a physical card. This digital ID is similar to the traditional card but offers many more functions. It is more flexible and safer to use. This solution was developed by Credenco in close collaboration with Justis. Credenco is founded from the successful collaboration between the three parties Sphereon, Plamo and Novatore, in which consultancy, project management and technology come together.

What benefits does this digital ID card offer?

Requesting, approving and issuing a digital card can be done much more efficiently. If necessary, it is even possible to withdraw the card intermediately. Thanks to this solution, there is better overview and control of all cards and less chance of misuse. A digital ID is in line with the increasingly digital working environment of the special investigating officers and the digitization of the request- and processing process of the boa certificate.

Mobile app

The digital ID works through a mobile app on the device of the special investigating officer. It is also possible to install this app on mobile devices such as smartphones or two-way-radio's. To check the validity of the digital ID, a traveler can verify the digital ID by scanning a unique QR-code (temporarily available) with their own mobile phone. This leads to a government verification page to ensure that it is a valid ID. With this digital ID, Justis has access to a privacy-protecting, fraud-resistant and verifiable digital identification solution.


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