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Decentralized Identity Interop Profile (DIIP) wins the Digital Identity Innovation Award

Thanks to the Decentralized Identity Interop Profile (DIIP), which allows decentralized solutions to communicate with each other, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition was crowned as winner of the Digital Identity Innovation Award 2023 during IDnext.

The first version of DIIP was developed by the DBC in collaboration with founders TNO, Animo and Sphereon. Many other organizations have now joined the initiative, including Credenco, which means that Credenco solutions will be compliant with this new standard.

The Digital Identity Innovation Award is presented every year to a solution that shapes the future of digital identities. Concepts, products and projects have a chance to win the prize. The entries are judged on innovation (both technological and business), handling of privacy, added value for users and other stakeholders and the possible impact of the solution.


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