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New legislation ensures the introduction of a digital identity

With 'Insigne', a proven and reliable platform for encrypted issuance and validation of digital certificates, Credenco offers the necessary technology to make this step well-considered.


The eIDAS2 regulation ensures that the introduction of decentralized identity and identity wallets is inevitable for organizations active within Europe.

Credenco endorses the importance of simple but above all secure identification with your own mobile phone. That is why Credenco has developed the Insigne platform, with which the successful practical test was first carried out with a digital BOA pass at the RET in Rotterdam and the SmartVOG is currently being developed. The Insigne platform supports the DIIP profile, an agreement system on a minimum set of existing specifications and their specific versions, and is therefore interoperable with all other providers that conform to this.

With its solution, based on Verifiable Credentials (VC), Credenco also contributes to the development of an organizational wallet, with which processes that are currently often handled with paper can be digitalized in a secure manner so that the origin of information can be traced throughout an entire chain. information can be traced back to the issuing authority.

Thanks to the application of new techniques such as Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), digital card holders can decide for themselves which data they share and with whom. And in addition to a better user experience for holders, it also offers various advantages for organizations. Such as automated validation and processing of provided data, which significantly increases the quality of the data, and the prevention of fraud because copies are no longer used.


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